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Sushant Pradhan


He is driven, inspired, and motivated, yet habit is what keeps him going

Having started his journey 12 years ago, Sushant Pradhan is an embodiment of discipline and finding your own greatness. In a field that depends so much on helping others, trust, knowledge, and commitment are dispensable, he has been spreading his values and knowledge through socials, and become a go to person for fitness enthusiasts. While his career has built upon insecurities he felt as a young frail-skinny looking kid, his disciplinary mastery of the game is the result of continuous hard work and dedication.

Nothing comes easy in life, especially if you have dreams. Mr. Sushant had a dream of changing his physique, but it wasn’t an easy ride. Sometimes, no matter how important his goals were to him, it was a constant struggle to bring his best effort to his gym sessions (or work up the motivation to make it happen at all.) Fitness is an art that requires commitment and patience. He views this as an endless goal that he must reach each and every day.