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Our Story

A Timeless memories

After my grandfather passed away, I went through his belongings and found a vintage Seiko 5 watch. As soon as I laid hands on it, memories came flooding back as this watch was something he used to wear each and every day. Their union was seamless, and together they complemented each other like the earth complements the sky. They made memories and learnt lessons together, which they shared with us time and again. The values they instilled in us are the same we try to share through each of our timepieces. This particular encounter and the impact it had on me got me obsessed with the inner and outer workings of watches. It sparked the fire which would grow to become Alma Artes.

Ever since, we have proceeded to make watches that people can wear with pride, while cherishing the precious moments of life and creating timeless memories. We envision that our timepieces connect people and their stories, as they are the companions through the odysseys of life, a safe-keeper for the memories we cherish and a spectator for the memories yet to come.

“A homage to all the dreamers ”

These watches are the tribute we pay to the man who inspired it all, an homage to his precious memory; with hopes that our watches command the same unsaid respect and admiration as our beloved grandfather did.