LaMa Walks

Feels good to be lost in the right direction

A storyteller who is drenched in life’s bliss; whose tales are full of delight and adoration for each and every path he crosses, each ray of sunlight, each breeze, and each smile bestowed upon him by his fellow traveling companions. Seldom does one come across a life that simply unfolds every dream you dreamt, every choices you made, every visions you envisioned.


Rohit John Chettri


Life does not need to be perfect, or technically correct- to be magic

Let us introduce you to singer, Music therapist Rohit John Chettri, whose song ‘Bistarai’ received more than a million views on YouTube upon its immediate release. Besides being a producer, musician, lyricist, and a guitarist from Kathmandu, Nepal, he is a heart-throbbing inspiration for many young dreamers wishing upon-a-success well.  


Sushant Pradhan


He is driven, inspired, and motivated, yet habit is what keeps him going

Having started his journey 12 years ago, Sushant Pradhan is an embodiment of discipline and finding your own greatness. In a field that depends so much on helping others, trust, knowledge, and commitment are dispensable, he has been spreading his values and knowledge through socials, and become a go to person for fitness enthusiasts. While his career has built upon insecurities he felt as a young frail-skinny looking kid, his disciplinary mastery of the game is the result of continuous hard work and dedication.


Oscar Shrestha

Revolutionizing the Art of Photography

Photography is an assignment I’ll never forget!

Oscar Shrestha is a prolific Nepali portrait photographer among many others, best known for his engaging captures and short videos on motion. Starting out in photography was a wonderful time filled with creativity and discovery for him. He who went on to create a distinctive world of beautiful and majestic captures is a photographer full of the world. Photographing the familiar and unfamiliar he takes on the journey with clicking of the camera and snapping of the flashlight.