Rohit John Chettri


Life does not need to be perfect, or technically correct- to be magic

Let us introduce you to singer, Music therapist Rohit John Chettri, whose song ‘Bistarai’ received more than a million views on YouTube upon its immediate release. Besides being a producer, musician, lyricist, and a guitarist from Kathmandu, Nepal, he is a heart-throbbing inspiration for many young dreamers wishing upon-a-success well.  

In conversation with Rohit John Chettri, he shares with us his journey so far which is definitely a piece of inspiration one needs to hear. 

As a little boy, he had always loved to sing. It has been a way for him to express and communicate with himself. A child who knew no fears about life, about taking chances and risks, he remembers giving the best performance of his life and he sang like nothing was ever sung. And before he knew, his singing journey had slowly started to take up.


He was motivated, driven, and passionate. “I am not kidding, or being coy, or being creative,” he says, “it takes years to harness your goal, and personally as a musician I am doing my best from my heart, exploring the ideas that intrigue me now, delighting when I see or hear someone else’s work and recognize myself in their piece.”

He remembers his father telling him this fondly, “Dukha Nagari ayeko sukha kam lagdaina.” The more you move forward, the more it feels like it’s worth it when you work hard for it. A self-realization dawned on him during the pandemic. A brilliant singer with hit songs like ‘Saani Ko, Pani Paryo, Chahana’ needed to practice even more. He made the most out of the time given to him without a warning. Although he was aware that he needed to put in a lot of effort and face hurdles, he also knew not to meddle himself into stress that he didn’t need just because he had to reach the peak. No matter how diligently, shrewdly, or quickly you travel this path, the peak will continue to rise.

Pursuing a musical dream in Nepal was not a smooth ride. There were many rejections, projects unnoticed, and the greatest difficulty lied in reaching the audience. Despite it all, he never looked back.

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